Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

The following frequently asked questions are intended to help provide a quick answer to any questions relating to the design, installation and use of Thule awnings.

Thule’s warranty policy

  1. What is Thule’s warranty policy?
  • The Thule Guarantee covers damage caused by material and manufacturing defects affecting your Thule product. Please check the details for your Thule product on Thule Guarantee Page as it may differ from product to product. Damage caused through wear and tear, or improper use and installation is not covered under warranty.

   Please Note: It is essential that you retain your “Proof of Purchase” documentation to validate any warranty claims.

Motorhome, Caravan and Camper Awnings 

2. How is an awning mounted onto the vehicle?

  • An awning is mounted onto the vehicle using adapters.
  • A wall awning requires other adapters than a roof awning does.
  • A bag awning is mounted on the caravan rail.
  • Thule offers a wide range of adapters. Click the following link to view the available adapters: Awning Adapters

3. How should I interpret the awning measurements?

  • The awning length is:
  • The length of the awning housing for a wall awning or roof awning.The length of the bag for a bag awning.
  • The projection of the awning is the length of the canvas when completely rolled out + the lead rail + the awning housing. The length is measured along the slanted canvas.

4. What is the difference between a wall awning, a roof awning and a bag awning?

  • A wall awning is mounted on the wall of the vehicle.
  • A roof awning is mounted on the roof of the vehicle.
  • A bag awning is in a bag that you slide onto the caravan rail.

5. How do I know which type of awning I have?

  • The awning type is indicated on your invoice.
  • If you no longer have your invoice, or if the invoice does not indicate the type: the awning has a sticker on the inside.
  • How do I use the hand crank?
  • Please watch the instructions on You Tube:

6. How do I optimize the tension of the canvas of an 8000 and 9200 awning?

  • The lead rail has “slots”. When these slots are closed the canvas tension is optimal. The integrated tension arms also improve the stability of the awning.

7. How do I clean the canvas, awning tent or smart panel?

  • The Thule product range includes a “Thule PVC Cleaner”.

8. May I retract the awning while it is still humid or wet?

  • Yes, you may. As soon as the weather is dry and there is hardly any wind, you should roll out the awning to allow the canvas to dry.
  • The wet canvas should not remain rolled up for extended periods of time.

9. Can I add a motor on my manual awning?

  • Yes, a motor can be added later to 5200/8000 and 9200 type awnings.

10. Can I operate the awning using both the motor and the manual crank?

  • No, a motorized awning can only be operated by using the motor. It is not possible to switch between motorized and manual operation.
  • The emergency procedure does allow manual operation of the awning in the event of a motor failure (when the motor is switched off). Make sure you follow the instructions in the user manual!

11. What should I do in case of wind or storm?

  • Make sure you always use the “Hold Down Kit” or the “Hold Down Side Strap Kit”.
  • If you are using only the awning, retract it as soon as possible.
  • If you have a tent under the awning, the awning is better protected.
  • Even so, take care not to take unnecessary risks when assessing the situation.

12. What should I do in case of rain?

  • Your awning is mainly intended as protection against the sun.
  • Make sure there is a clear difference in height between the two support legs and use a tension arm to tighten the canvas.
  • Water that falls on a well-tightened awning and with one support leg lowered, will run right off.

13. Can I roll out the awning without using the support legs?

  • The support legs should always be used when rolling out the awning more than 1 metre.

14. Can I mount a different type of Thule awning on my current adapters?

  • A different awning can often be mounted on the existing adapters if it has the same length and is the same type (wall awning or roof awning). Your dealer should be able to check whether or not it can be mounted

15. Am I allowed to drive with the bag awning attached to the caravan rail?

  • Yes, that is allowed. Please respect the speed limits for caravans at all times.

Awning Tents & Smart Panels

16. Can the side panels be installed on either the right or the left?

  • You can mount the same Smart Panel either on the left or on the right.

17. Are the Smart panels available in more than one material?

  • The Windscreen and the Sun Blockers are made of a light, transparent and breathing PVC fabric. The Rain Blockers and View Blockers are made of a high-quality PVC fabric.

18. What should I take into consideration when buying Smart Panels? Make sure you have the following data:

  • Awning type
  • The awning length
  • The awning projection: this is determined by the type and length of the awning.
  • The mounting height of the awning, which you have to measure yourself.

19. What is the difference when comparing a Smart Panel to an awning tent?

  • A Smart Panel protects against the sun, rain and wind and it provides more privacy.
  • A Smart Panel does not seal off a wall completely.
  • If you would like the area to be sealed off, you should install an awning tent.

20. Is the mounting material delivered with the Awning Tent product?

  • Yes, all required mounting material, such as the tensioning arms and the connecting parts are included in the awning tent package.

21 What is the mounting height of an Awning Tent?

  • This is the distance between the underside of the awning housing and the ground.
  • For a bag awning it is the distance between the caravan rail and the ground.

22. Which Thule awning tent is the best for me?

  • There are two types of Thule awning tents:

- For long-term use. This awning tent uses your awning as a roof and can be set up quickly. Two models are available: Panorama and Residence G3.

- For short-term use. This awning tent is set up under your awning and can be set up really very quickly. Two models are available: QuickFit and EasyLink.