Thule G2 Sun Blocker Front Smart Panel

Sun Blocker Size Guide

Thule G2 Sun Blocker Front Smart Panel

The Sun Blocker Smart Panel is a transparent and light grey micro-aired screen (with black stripe), which lets the breeze in while keeping the sun out, without losing your view.

Easy and quick installation:

- the front panel is suitable for all Thule Omnistor awnings

- the panel easily slides into the awning lead rail

- all front panels can be rolled up and are fixed with a side release buckle

Optional Thule luxury blocker panel bag available to store your tension rafter, panel material and ropes and pegs

Modular system:

- Combination of a different Smart panels is possible

- The combination with the Thule QuickFit & EasyLink tent is also possible if the tent is smaller than the awning and if there is some space in the awning lead rail to slide the panel in

The panel is available in multiple sizes so please select the part number based on the measurement diagram below and sizes tabulated:


- 1 front panel
- ground fixation: pegs and ropes

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